Bingo Bonus for a County’s National Pastime

Bingo Bonus for a County’s National Pastime

We have heard a lot of serious topics on the national game of various countries. Why not go on the lighter side and have Bingo as the national game of a country.

We have national game in various countries ranging from cricket to wrestling, from baseball to horse riding, from chess to hockey and from archery to soccer. With this varied list of games as the national games or sports of various countries, one must wonder, at least for the sake of wondering why Bingo didn’t find its way into this list.

The game that has its own local versions all around the globe is a classic pastime and an amazing way to keep guests entertained during a social gathering.

It can very well be used to bring people together by making them feel good for each other’s fortunes or empathising with each other during each other’s failures. We consider it as just a kind of lottery game but we see versions of it even being played by little kids in the classroom when they get bored of class.

Of course the rules are different in every version owing to the versatility of the game to adapt to whichever playing condition. For example, you can have people playing the game for a chance to win money or you could have it as a social game to record high scores on. You can have the games rules changed to allow all the numbers to be completed to win or have just a few in a particular pattern. You can have numbers pre-allotted or picked by the player. There are numerous ways to modify the game as one’s needs may be.

All said and done, all we need to see now is which country might be willing to adopt this popular game as its nation game.

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