Indoor Games For Small Children

Indoor Games For Small Children

Indoor games are the best games for small children, and they should be encouraged before they venture to play out with their age mates. By playing indoor games, you have better chances of watching over your children, and even directing them on how to go about some things. Also, these types of games are ideal when the weather does not permit the children to go out and play in the open. You also get a chance of playing with your child, for this is vital in forming strong bonds between any parent and a child.

One interesting indoor game is the living room bowling. For this game, you will need some modeling clay, plastic cups, duct tape, and a small ball like a tennis ball. Drop a ball of clay in ten plastic cups, and then invert another cup on the top, and then tape together. The cups will then be used as your bowling pins, and you stack them in a triangular formation just like they would appear at the bowling alley. One then tries to use the small ball to roll down the alley, and also try to knock the pins over. With a little directing, the children will love this game, and engage in it for hours.

The penguin shuffle can also suffice as an indoor game. One needs a beanbag or any small bag, and then place it on the children’s knees’. The goal of the game is to make it across the room without dropping the bag, and in case the players are several, you can spice up the game by making it a relay race. Another indoor game is the scent box, where you place items with distinct smells. Without seeing, the children try to identify the item using their sense of smell. This game is real fun and full of laughter.

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